Sourcing Furniture for a Sunshine Coast Beach House

Sourcing Furniture for a Sunshine Coast Beach House

SUNSHINE COAST, QUEENSLAND – The challenge with sourcing furniture for my latest beach house project on the Sunshine Coast, is that this house will mostly be used as a rental property. So it can be tricky, as chosen furniture can’t simply be stylish but has to be practical too.

Sourcing furniture – factors influencing my selection

Outdoor furniture must not only withstand the sea air and all other weather conditions but needs to look elegant and work alongside the interior furnishings because of the home’s open plan layout.

I’m selecting a dining table for both inside and outside and am considering using the same style chairs in both areas. They can then be drawn up at either table if extra seating is required. This gives a seamless flow rather than having a variety of mismatched chairs. There are also kitchen bench stools to consider so I want to avoid too many busy legs and finishes.Nicola-Claire-Sourcing-Furniture-7

Couches have to withstand a rental market so I’m weighing up the pros and cons of leather versus fabric as they will have a lot of wear and tear, possible staining and weather conditions. Beach sand and sweaty bodies are also a consideration in the height of a Queensland summer!

Bedrooms need to be simple yet sophisticated as there is no space to bring in additional furniture details. I’ll use timber finishes and additional details will come from artwork and linen.

Challenges with the flooring

The flooring is proving to be tricky and we have been back and forth choosing the timber finish as there are huge variations in colour tones between batches of the same product. I don’t want to risk an unknown once it is delivered and laid. This has led to a potential change in supplier and product. It is essential to have some clarification as all finishes are chosen to cohesively work, complement and flow together.

Sticking to the budget when sourcing furniture

Nicola-Claire-Sourcing-FurnitureNicola-Claire-Sourcing-FurnitureTo make sure we come in on budget, I’ve changed the original spec for the stone tops for the kitchen and all bathrooms and laundry and have opted for a higher end product in the kitchen and a lower priced option in all other areas. I also changed the spec for the kitchen splash backs and my client has agreed to use mirrored splash backs.

These will allow a lovely reflection of both the living space and stone tops in the island and also ocean views.

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